Monday, August 17, 2009

Secret Cities & Sweet Memories

We like to go on family walks, and lately the boys have taken to to noticing all sorts of trails that run along the paths we walk on. Paths that lead under and around brambles or into and under the many bushes and trees that grow along the sandy shores of our beaches. It's always fun to see the secret tunnels and cities, but it's even more fun to hear them name the secret places and watch them run in and make their own discoveries. They've all ready requested to spend lots of time down on the beach this summer so they can play in a few that they've claimed as their own.

I'm particularly found of the the openings that reminds me so much of the book The Secret Garden, which the boys also love. I remember reading the book as a child and wishing I could stumble upon a secret garden as well. While it never happened, I remember imagining a secret city of rabbits under a beautiful old tree that grew in the field next to our property.

The tree was gnarled and each branch grew straight out before bending in one direction or another. You could always hear the rabbits running around under the tree, and who knows probably a few other unruly wild creatures as well. Oddly enough it was one of the very few flat pieces of land in Tennessee, and you could just barely see over the fence all the lush green grass growing under the tree. Needless to say I never saw a secret city of rabbits, but it didn't stop me from imagining them.

As for my boys, they aren't dreaming up wild cities of rabbits, but more like the lost city of Hemariah and secret ways out of their said cities before being captured by imaginary enemies. What they do in the cities is a total mystery to me, because as soon as I try to peek in I hear cries of, "MOM! You can't peek!" All though I've heard tales of eggs, shells, and even gold hidden in these amazing cities.

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