Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just the seagulls & me..

After a long break from running (hip issues) I decided I couldn't contain myself any longer and that I absolutely had to run before I went completely insane. So, this morning I took the dog and went down to the beach and ran along the sand. Before you dub me completely insane, the sand I ran on was wet and well packed, and some of it still had small tidal pools on it that I had to jump over. The gulls were a tad put out that I brought nothing to feed them and then laughed at their antics on top of it. A few of them attempted to fly along side me until they were completely convinced I had nothing for them. The dog had a blast too, all though what he was up to I'm not fully sure, he left me with the seagulls and ran off to investigate a few nature paths.

To keep myself in check, because I tend to run all out, I opted to use the music plan which can be found here. I liked that it was christian based and free. Yes, it's one of those 9 week running plans, but truly it's very simple. I opted to start with one of the earlier weeks to see how my hip handles the running, my fingers are tightly crossed. I truly enjoyed myself and the workout was quite simple and enjoyable, I look forward to lots of spring & summer runs if my hip holds up. I came back home completely refreshed this morning.

There's nothing like running along the beach in the morning, all though you'll have to stay strong and not stop to inspect all the natural debris that washed ashore! I do admit to caving on the run back and stopping to quickly grab an empty spiky king crab shell. It still had seaweed wrapped around it too. The truth is you've just not run if you haven't experienced a beach run..


HomeGrownKids said...

Yay for you! While I do not share your enthusiasm for running, nor being at the beach I can totally relate to getting going and exercising!

Yes, for the the stiffness and soreness from working out is far better than the stiffness, aches & pains that come from NOT working out.

Edwena said...

Beautiful pictures, Kendra!