Monday, August 17, 2009

It's coming, it's coming!!

When I spotted these daffodils last week I was so excited I fell very behind the rest of the group on our walk, and I had to chase Lawrence down so he could take a photo. Now, I have to be honest I'm not normally a big huge jump up and down and rave about daffodils kinda person. In fact, normally I see them and I smile and I move onward. This year, winter seemed to really drag it's feet about moving onward and the rain came early starting in the beginning of April (autumn) and not leaving us for 5 long months! I'm not normally one to become disgruntled in the winter, in fact I normally enjoy winter. This winter was different. I became quite sullen after the first 4 months of rain. Because I also battle migraines during rain it was doubly dreary and painful. All though I will admit, Tasmanian rainbows are a beautiful sight. You can actually see every stripe of color in them, and we saw many this winter. Let me just say that I heard Morgan reminding all of us quite often what those rainbows were a promise of, and while his brother was always eager for the story I think I was the one who needed to take the lesson more to heart then they did! Needless to say, this year I'm a bit more excited about daffodils then I normally am. In fact, while in town today I nearly missed my turn at the round-about because I was busy pointing out the bed of daffodils and roses to the boys, who truly could have cared less.


Diane said...

Seems you are a world away from us. Our season right now is the end of summer and heading into fall. Do you really have a rainy season?

Kendra said...

Well, normally we have a rainy winter, but this time we had a very wet spring, autumn, & winter! So, I'm always happy to wake up and hear the birds singing instead of the rain falling. ;)

SC said...

hey, I said I didn't like you mentioning spring because that means our summer is turning to fall;)(that's my attempt at winking by the way.)
Putting on my serious hat here, I know how you feel, I take pictures of our first Robin and spring flowers, too!

Kendra said...

lol yeah, but spring is just too exciting this year to not mention! ; )