Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye, for now..

This Saturday our soccer season came to an end. It was a fun filled 5 months for a soccer loving little boy. Morgan fully enjoyed every minute of this season, despite a few bumps, injuries, and some massively tall kids he played against. You know you're the shortest kid out there when the other teams always ask if you really are part of the team of if you're just helping today. Morgan played a vast amount of positions, and still finds goalie as one of his all time favorite spots on the field. He's one of the very few children who will willingly agree, volunteer, jump up and down with glee, and all out beg to play this position. Oddly enough, he also shocked his team with his ability to play this spot, and play it well. The same position he use to play quite often in pee-wee soccer, he still wears the same shin guards too... It's been a lot of fun watching him play and hearing his excitement after each game, win or lose. I've lost a few too many fingernails this season, something that never happened in pee-wee soccer. I may need to come up with a new strategy for those edge of your seat sorta games before the season starts. Morgan was a tiny bit disappointed to have to turn in his jersey at the end of the game, but a lot more disappointed that it meant no more soccer for a while. He's truly enjoyed making new friends and playing to his hearts content.

As a special good-bye and thank you to his coaches and team mates we made up little treat bags/jars. Each coach recieved a jar of gumballs with the following note attached: "Thank you for 'chewsing' to coach soccer this year, I had a 'ball'!" Each of his teammates received a homemade bag (yes we made them ourselves from soccer scrapbooking paper) with a note attached that said, "Thank you for 'chewsing' to play soccer this year, I had a 'ball' getting to know you!" We are truly grateful for such great coaches who didn't care about winning as much as they did about teaching the kids, and for team mates who were such good sports throughout the entire season. So until next season we say good-bye (for now) to soccer.

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