Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fresh Sprouts

Remember those strawberry plants I mentioned? They are still growing, and we've got a few blossoms on one of the plants now! The plants are enjoying the spring weather we've been having too and growing like crazy. We're all on the lookout now for a little green berry to show up, and after that I might have to guard my plants around the clock or I might wake to find that a strawberry loving boy ate it in the middle of the night! We seem to be on a constant look-out for more as we're hoping for a large crop of strawberry from our meager plants. I'm really loving the information in Kitchen Harvest, all though I have to be honest and say the boys are aghast that I'm about to dump Moo Poo (yeah, that's really the name, kinda catchy don'tcha think?) on the strawberry plants.

The boys are hoping the smaller blossom becomes a bit bigger too, I suspect they are thinking about the size of the berry compared to the flower..

Our Capsicums have also sprouted at long last! We started out with one lone sprout and within two days we had a half dozen more! We're pretty excited about this because it takes these fellows a long time to grow, we're hoping this year we'll get a few more fruits off the plants then last year, you know like at least one edible one. Last year it was winter before we finally had any fruit, and by then it was just too cold for them to grow..

Our soapwart is taking off too. I'm really excited about this one as we received the plant (no complaints) so late last season that we never had a chance to see it blossom or make any soap from it. There's at least another half dozen of those little green sprouts in my very large container, and the longer shoots that were looking a bit "done for" have new life on the ends of them again too. I'm looking forward to making shampoo and soap from this plant this summer!


SC said...

It's so exciting to see sprouts coming up in your garden, isn't it:)

Kendra said...

Oh yes, especially since I was blown down the street while trying to cross it today! LITERALLY!