Sunday, August 16, 2009

F.F.W.W.: Giraffes!

This week we're all systems go for Giraffes! I'm really excited about our next three weeks of school, and I know the boys will be delighted to learn about a variety of the subjects at hand. Jayden's very favorite animal is a giraffe. In fact, we found a very realistic looking stuffed giraffe for him for Christmas last year and he still carries that oversized thing around. I'm pretty sure it will be a prominent display this week as we row The Giraffe That Walked To Paris. This is a book that's out of print, and took us a long time to find at a "reasonable" price. It's also going to be the kicking off point for us as we study Egypt next week and the week after. The boys have been itching to get into all the books I've been pulling aside for the studies, and I'm really praying that my "top secret" book gets here in time! I've had it on my holds list for a while, but I'm not complaining. I've got another book on my hold list and I'm like 100th in line to get it!

This week the boys will find:

There's also the strong possibility that this week's ginger bread men cookies will become a math/art lesson if I can find a giraffe cookie cutter in the big barrel. If not I might have to contact Bisk-Art and see if they make one, I'll have to tell you more about said company another day!


What about you, what do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes this week? Blog about it, and then come back and link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along? Leave a comment telling us about what's in your workboxes this week!


Andrea said...

I'm just a bit late- but joining your workbox post. :D Thanks Kendra!

Kendra said...

Loved your no writing math facts! My 6 year old would be all over that one in a heart beat! :D