Saturday, August 22, 2009

F.F.W.W.: Ancient Egypt

We had these grand plans to do a gold unit study and a pioneer unit study, and we will, but the kids have had this huge fascination with Egypt so I jumped on the chance. Last week we rowed the book The Giraffe That Walked To Paris and we had a lot of fun with it. The idea was to use it as a kick-off for our two week Ancient Egyptian study. The boys are very excited about it and have been for some time as I've been squirreling books away that I've been picking up from the library and other sources. In fact, I had a super cool book planned for them to look through, but my library informed me that despite it being in their catalog they can't find the book, so much so they removed it from their catalog. I'm super bummed by that, but I did pick up another book that they'll enjoy as a read aloud.

This is a small stash of the books we'll be using over the next two weeks. The cd-rom in the front (The Mummy Mystery) and the Pyramids! book in the background are library items. We'll be reading The Golden Goblet as our main read aloud, but we won't be doing a unit study from it. I may pull bits and pieces out of it for copywork or dictation, and the boys will most likely narrate bits of it back to me. Other books we'll be enjoying are: We're Sailing Down The Nile, King Tut, Cleopatra, Life & Times in Ancient Egypt, & Princess Of Egypt (if it ever comes in off my hold list!). Rather then making my own lapbook this go around, I opted to purchase the Egyptian Notebooking Pages Combo put out by The Notebooking Nook. We'll also be reading about a few missionaries including Livingston & Stanley who will also double as explorers.

We'll also be using this very fun Exploring Egypt kit we have. Funny story here (I say that a lot don't I?) Our book store (before it went mean) was selling these in attic sales for 5-9 dollars each (depended on how good the sale was) and I picked one up knowing then that we'd one day study Egypt. I also tend to frequent thrift stores and while in one recently they had a brand new Egypt kit for $1. I was delighted and picked it up because I knew the boys would love to have their own. The pharaoh head is actually compacted sand that they gently brush and scrape away to find a hidden relic! It also comes with a little book that is LOADED with information. Needless to say the next two weeks will be full of crafts, learning, and loads of fun.

So here's our plans for this weeks workboxes:
  • Map & flags of Egypt to color
  • supplies for creating our own Ancient Egypt (complete with nile river!)
  • Discover what hidden relic is in their kit
  • Explorer books to track Livingston & Stanley's routes
  • Supplies for making a King Tut mask (after we read info about him and fill out a notebook page)
  • Write our names in Hieroglyphics
We will also:
  • fill out notebooking pages on Egypt, Nile River, King Tut, Rosetta Stone, Missionaries & Explorers
  • make an egyptian meal (we may just have dried fruits and flat bread, etc.. or we may make a cake..)
  • Add major events & people to our timeline
  • locating Egypt & the Nile on our map (and associating Africa with Egypt)
I'm looking forward to a fun week ahead with the boys. They are very gung-ho about our Egypt study which always encourages me. I think they'll especially enjoy the crafts & Indiana Jones book this week too.
What about you? What do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes this week? Blog about it and then come back and link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along? Just leave a comment telling us what's in your workboxes this week.


Jenny said...

What a great idea to have a weekly link up. I posted my link from our workboxes last week.

Diane said...

Always loved learning about Ancient Egypt. Love all your ideas and books.