Sunday, August 30, 2009

F.F.W.W.: Ancient Egypt Cont.

We're still working on Ancient Egypt. Our plans were for two weeks, but we may end up overlapping just a pinch as we had a few unexpected interruptions last week, but we'll see what we accomplish this week. Oursurprise book from last week turned out to be quite the hit, which is more then I can say for The Golden Goblet. It's too much for Jayden, and Morgan, while polite enough to listen was a tiny bit lost too. I'm debating keeping on with it with Morgan, or waiting another year or two before trying again. In the mean time we have plenty of other fun things lined up for the week, and a couple of projects from last week they didn't quite finish up that they'll need to work on as well.

  • Make King Tut masks & fill out notebooking page (if we can solve our printing problems)
  • Finish up their Nile River replicas
  • Make Door/Wall plaques in hieroglyphics
  • Make a sledge (they'll use their noses to push it)
  • Make their own clay pyramids (we may or may not make our own bricks to go with it)
  • Play Senate
  • Make an Egyptian Kilt
  • Wrap each other up as Mummies (we'll use muslin)
  • Make our own Amulet
  • Make a Pharaoh crown
  • Discuss Moses & Joseph
  • variety of Father's Day "projects"
We also have a few notebooking pages to fill out on these subjects, and places for them to tape or glue photos of what they've done onto the papers. However, our printer went kaputt and is currently in the shop. We have to wait until Monday to see if they have a spare we can use until ours is fixed. The boys are also having fun using our ProClick to make their own Egyptian notebooks.
What about you? What do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes? Blog about it and then come back and link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along? Just leave us a comment to let us know what fun thinks you've planned for your workboxes this week.


Jenny said...

I like how you do unit studies. My daughter doesn't stay interested in anything long enough for that yet.

Kendra said...

Jenny, have you seen the preschool units up for free at They have some really simplistic units there and some "harder", etc. At the same time my 6 year old didn't sit through many units last year, he enjoyed doing the fun stuff, but that was about it! ;)

Hillary said...

I just found your blog. Hope to start using workboxes soon. Still working out how they will fit in my home for 4 kiddos. We also use FIAR. I love seeing what you have done :) We read aloud Golden Goblet last year with our Mystery of History 1 lessons on ancient Egypt. Only our 8 yo DD stuck with it. It was definitely too much for the youngers--though they do remember bits and pieces.