Monday, August 3, 2009

Crafty Weekends

Last week we took an impromptu trip into "the city". It was fun to take a quick day trip, even if we did spend an hour in the car listening to Morgan talk non-stop. No joke! I have no idea what he was so high strung about, but that child talked to us the entire time.. except perhaps when he was trying to sing Jesus Freak, which was equally amusing. I'm getting off track though.. The point is we ran into Launceston this week to run by Birchall's for art supplies. We wanted a few good quality things on hand for when our new art curriculum arrives, and while we were there I spotted a mini set of water colors that were decently priced and I decided to pick them up to play with. I've been looking through Drawn to Nature Through The Journals Of Clare Walker Leslie and the drawings seemed simplistic enough that I wanted to give it a go. Not to mention I'm still awaiting the arrival of The Watercolourist's Nature Journal by Jill Bays.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to make a quick roll for the pencils and paints. The paint pocket is actually big enough to hold an eraser and pencil sharpener. I also put some other brushes in a couple of the other empty pockets. I opted not to make a space for a notebook. I think I'll make one for each of the boys with different fabric for their nature bags as well. It's really very simplistic to do. I used the idea here (not the first time I've used it) and simply cut my material smaller, added the ribbon on one end only, I didn't add interfacing, and I opted to make my pockets for the supplies I wanted to store in them. Alternately you could carry your drawing supplies in something like this.

I love how it rolls up and I can just toss it in whatever bag we're taking with us for the day. I also really love the wishing material, the boys love blowing dandelion flowers as they make wishes. The ribbon was from my scrapbooking supplies and I've had it for quite some time.

This is another project I've had planned for some time. I saw the idea moons ago on the Camp Creek Blog. I had every intention of picking up a pair of pants for 20 cents at a local used store when Jayden split through his camo pants! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't delighted to see his pant leg split halfway up the back, but in a moment of (in)sanity I was reminded of the project and had him give me his pants. This project was also very simple to make, and I was able to make both of the boys a bag from one pair of pants. Jayden's is slightly shorter then Morgan's, but it still holds their notebooks and other supplies for our nature walks. I will add that when you make your bottom seam if you have a pocket on the bag (like mine does) make sure the pocket is flat and not on the "side".

There's plenty of room inside for all these goodies as well as a snack and a few other tidbits. See how the boys carry their pencils and brushes in a plastic bag? It works, but I'd like to make them each a pencil roll instead. They can use their plastic bags solely for finds on the walks. Oh, and I'll also tell you that on our bags I put a velcro closure up on the top. (That would be the white rectangle of thread you might have noticed above the pocket.) Our bags are probably not quite as long and deep as the one over at Camp Creek, and I know the boys like to climb up and down the dunes on the beach and find secret paths under trees and in the brambles. I didn't want to risk them losing anything. I made sure the handles were long enough (two pieces sewn together) to go over their head and slip an arm through like a sling style bag. For the record, cause I'm sure you're wondering, the pants I used were a size 7, and one leg was split up to the knee. I used that bottom part for the handles. I didn't measure anything, I just cut and sewed away.

I also decided to make some funny little snack bags. I had some pul hanging around for a project that I opted not to use it on. It was only a small piece, but out of it I managed to make all four of these little bags. I used the notes from here to do it, but ended up branching out on my own (again). I made one according to those directions and didn't like the raw edges I had inside one of the bags. So next time I sewed the pul to the cotton and then turned it right side out, put the velcro on, and sewed up the side seams. I'll probably make more in varying sizes as these were pretty simple to sew up, but the pul and velcro were a slight pain.

I love that these are reusable and waterproof at the same time, all though with the sizes I made they won't hold much more then a few pretzels or a handful or trail mix. Maybe a cookie or some apple slices. I'm not sure the kids will really care because they'll be too psyched about the Mr Men on the bag. In fact, I might see myself giving some of these out to a certain someone for Christmas, then I won't be the only one known for using baggies anymore!

On top of all that we also made three loaves of bread, a handful of lego creations (not counting the stubbed toes and sore heels from stepping on loose lego!), and the boys took turns being exercise instructors for each other (highly amusing, wish I'd been video taping them!).. There's no telling what will happen around here on a rainy day. In fact, we're in for rain all week, the poor little sewing machine might get run right off it's feet!

Don't forget to enter a name for Mr Lidman for a chance to win, contest ends on August 9th!


A JoyFilled Life said...

The bags and accessories are great! My Mae and I may have to make up some Christmas gifts with the pile of torn, outgrown jeans in the quilting pile!

Kendra said...

You could make all those nifty things from the jeans! Somewhere I've got a pattern for making a purse/handbag out of jeans too. Not that I see myself making it, but... lol