Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bubble Painting

I think bubble painting landing in the workboxes 2 weeks in a row, but we did finally get to it! Not exactly when planned, but hey that's okay right? I wanted to share the pictures with you and some tips we learned from this experience.. One, kids, bubbles, and painting all in one sentence is like heaven on earth to them. Keeping this project for a day that's nice outside would be very wise! For us, we had a remarkably warm day that the kids were in shorts and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to finally get those bubbles used! I used a small amount of bubble mixed with only 3 drops of each food coloring (red might have needed more..), but if I did this project again I'd make those cups at LEAST half full. See, I was being stingy with bubbles, cause I can't run to the store and pick up a huge bottle for 98 cents. No, I have to pay 4 bucks for just a tiny bottle of these suds! I know, I know, it's time to make my own.. We make our own play-do why not bubbles??

I also opted to use watercolor/sketching paper. We had fine/smooth in the house and that seemed to do the trick. Mind you, I could only locate one bubble wand which was a bummer because with two kids I knew I'd need more. Somewhere around this place is a Thomas bubble wand and another freakishly large one like that, but could we find them?

We were suppose to use a box to put the paper in, this would help control where the bubbles went, but the weather was nice so we put our papers flat on the driveway. Notice how the cup is being tipped a bit?? That's cause I didn't make up enough "paint". I really should have made more up, and most certainly will next time. Yes, that's straws we're using. We like blowing bubbles with straws (if you've never painted that way you should give it a go!) and because I didn't have enough bubble wands I pulled out straws for this project as well.

Then I let the kids have at it doing it however they wanted. I sat there soaking up as much sun as I could keeping one eye open because I was on Bull Ant duty. Mind you, I'm not sure I was very attentive to it because I couldn't find my sunnies and I didn't bother to grab a hat, but man was that sun nice. Our new neighbors probably know we're official freaks now, but that's okay I don't mind..

Morgan preferred the wand and got quite close to his paper to actually blow a bubble (being close to the beach we always have a slight breeze.) He was also really picky about mixing his colors "just so" in order to have lots of color on his page. Due to his technique you could see lots of true colored bubble shapes on the paper, I loved that.

Jayden's technique was very different. His idea was to coat as much of the paper with blue as possible, preferably with big blotches of it here and there. Did you notice he's also wearing his blue t-shirt and a blue apron? I'm pretty certain he opted for blue shorts until he settled for the red ones I found.. He's hoping to one day be completely blue, and between you and me, I'm praying he means clothing wise and NOT skin and hair wise..

Jayden's finished results. It was iridescent when we held it up in the sun, which was very cool! I'm seeing doing something like this with his finished project, but who knows. I might just frame it like it is too.

I love those full bubble prints there, aren't they cool? I might do the same thing with his or I might help him make note cards to send out to family, or, or... You never know where it will end up. I really can't wait to try this again and do a piece myself.

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I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!