Sunday, August 23, 2009

A bit of fun..

As part of the end of year soccer practice Coach asked parents to play against the children. The idea was for one parent from each family (at least) to play in the game. I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or parents, but there was so much laughter on the soccer field Wednesday evening that it drew a few onlookers in to see what the hubbub was all about. Once everyone arrived the team went off to have a pre-game meeting and discuss the rules (not normal soccer rules) while the parents were suppose to have a pre-game meeting and discuss the rules laid out for them. You know, things like you will be penalized if you pick up a child in order to get the ball from them. Adults were also only permitted to score one goal each per half, anything else went to the opposing team. Mind you, I think the parents were busy trying to listen in on the kids pregame meeting, but...

The kids went off to warm-up, the parents were offered a chance to warm up with them, but they decided to do their own thing...

At least they were suppose to be warming up..

And then the game began.. the adults had a harder time then they expected keeping up with a few of the kids, and opted to throw a few extra parents on the field.

The kids survived with one goalie, who received a mini pep talk.

The adults had three goalies and still couldn't stop the ball.

After shaking hands the parents opted to throw the kids on the ground, can you tell they lost? There were many giggles, a few pile-ups, a broken finger nail, hair styles gone amuck, unusual penalties, funny jeers and cheers, and a whole lot of fun had!

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