Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekly Workboxes: Vacation Boxes

This week our workboxes are going to be a bit different. See, we've been schooling for 5 solid weeks, and we normally only school for 3 weeks on with 1 week off. However, Nana is on the mainland, and we knew when she came back (hopefully she's not reading this!) we'd be a bit busy visiting amongst a few other things (which I can't mention at the moment..) However, the longer we keep going without a break the slower we become. The more scatterbrained our weekly plans are, and the less we seem to accomplish. Which means, the principle and the teacher had a chat and decided that next week we'd officially be on break! However, I don't want the kids going nuts thinking they'll be on the Wii all day. They are far more into playing on the Wii then they are with watching tv. In the summer when we have breaks they play hard all day long outside, but remember we're in the Southern Hemisphere and that makes it winter here. A wet and wild winter at that.

I've been tossing an idea around for quite some time now about how I'd handle workboxes during our off weeks. The idea of an off week is to be off so we can regroup, clean, cook, etc. Yet, I want the kids occupied. So, after much debating with myself and weighing out my options I decided they'd find three items in their workboxes each day for the week we're off. Rather then filling 3 workboxes each and every day, I'll fill them all up at the start of the week and use the cute labels I made (with the graphic help of PcCrafter again) to stick on the front of 5 workboxes so they know which workbox to do when.

They were fairly simple to make, and yes, once again I used my nifty scrapbooking program. I told you it gets a huge workout! I started out with the all dog one. We have a big dog lover who wants to grow up and own two dogs and 20 bunnies (heaven help us all with those bunnies!) The other one usually goes for cats, I've no idea if it's because the brother clings to dogs or if he truly has a "thing" for cats. Chances are that's a mystery I'll never solve! Either way I ended up making two cat sets, one with pink (left), one with orange and blue (right). Then, just because I was having so much fun, I made one with cats and dogs and a cute fire hydrant that Buster begged me to put on it.. So, the boys will find a set of tags on their boxes and inside they'll find:
  • Monday: 1 book to read ea.; dinosaur resistance art (do you know how hard it is to find plain white glue in Tasmania??), & turns playing BugBoats on BugCafe Live.
  • Tuesday: 1 book to read ea.; M - supplies to paint his salt dough island, J - Kai Lan puppets to use with the tv; Scrabble Jr.
  • Wednesday: 1 magazine ea for their browsing pleasure; supplies to interview Gram-Gram & Poppy about the Moon Landing (part of Space School); Backyardagain Mission To Mars Game tickets
  • Thursday: 1 book to read ea.; S'math (M) & Trouble (J); trip to their favorite park (unless we have rain, then it's a trip to the video store instead..)
  • Friday: 1 book to read ea; Nature Walk (if no rain; if rain play-dough); Bubble Painting
We may or may not do our Nim's Island class this week. Since they are prerecorded missing a week isn't a true miss, we can do it at another time, so we won't miss out. The boys are enjoying it so that's a good thing! Oh, and you can download your own set of tags here if you want. It's another pdf, and all four pages are in one!
What about you, what have you got planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes this week?Blog about it and come back and link up. If you don't have a blog and want to link up, just leave a comment and let us know what you've planned for your workboxes.


Tristan said...

I posted! Vacation Workboxes sound like fun!

Jolene (South Africa) said...

OMGsh what a fun idea. I love this idea so much its given me an inspiration for "tot boxes" for my my tot schoolers. Thank you so much