Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Math Bear Strikes Again

Remember how I said he needed a paw print stamp to mark the math journals? Well he found himself one and this nifty stamp bad that makes it look like a goldish bronze stamp. The kinds think it's very cool to find he's stamped their work and left them a remark or two. I picked them up inexpensively while I was at the craft store last week looking for felt for another math lesson. Only, because I forgot a few crucial pieces we didn't get to that lesson this week. Super Math Bear was forgiving considering I didn't forget his stamp and ink pad. We focused in a bit more on clocks this week, and will now move them to just playing games for review and journal questions. We'll most likely give them a good review look again in a couple of weeks, but we're moving on to money now.

We made silly paper clocks with moving hands on them this week for our final math day. Then we glued (okay double stick taped) them into their math journals so they wouldn't lose them. The boys had fun making up times for each other and setting their clocks.

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