Sunday, July 5, 2009

Space School

This week the boys have been doing Space School with Professor H. They've fully enjoyed the short movies he posts each week, and the little activities suggested to do afterwards. (I must honestly admit that I've been less then impressed thus far with the class, but the kids are enjoying it and learning from it and that makes it worthwhile.) This has initiated lots and lots of questions about the planets. (The first lesson they had.) It inspired lots of reading by adults and lots of listening by little ones. It left me feeling very small as I sat there and considered just how big the universe really is. I get the same feeling when I star gaze too..

Morgan is a tidbit collector, and he always likes a little place to stash his collection. I was reminded of two little books I made for two special little girls (and they will get them soon!) , and how those little books were simple to make and had handy little pockets on each and every page of them.

So I asked Morgan if he'd like a little planet book to store all the information he collected in. He was delighted by the entire idea and I was happy to make it for him. Each page is made from ONE file folder. It's simply refolded and glued. You can watch a video here to see how it's done. Morgan is also into lots and lots of bright colors and he was hoping for a rainbow of colors, but I only had two colors of file folders, thus why the middle two pockets are orange. I changed how it was made just a little though.. I used a glue stick vs white glue, for two reasons. One, white glue is harder to come by and it molds very quickly here?! Secondly, glue sticks dry faster. To ensure the pockets dried I taped the pockets as well

Then I printed out the first letter of each planet and glued it on to each pocket. Morgan colored the planets and we glued those on. Then we wrote the full name on each pocket. He can lift the flap and tuck any information, pictures, or tidbits he finds inside of those pockets. There's one extra pocket in the back of the book (because we included Pluto as a planet...) and we wrote "Extra Space Info" on the pocket flap. That way anything else he makes, sees, collects can go into that pocket and have a home too. Now he's very eager to find some space stuff to stuff in all his pockets, and I'm just happy he has a place to put it all!


Michele said...

This is a great idea, Kendra! I have seen that pocket folder video before. I think we'll be borrowing it for our space school!
You know I was less than impressed with Live Space and I know Justin was/is. None of the amounts of moons for each planet are correct except for Mars. The rest were all wrong and Justin was not happy abou that. He wants me to email professor H and tell him so! So far, I could have put together a much, much better space school but we are going to finish it. Justin wants to.
I hope Nim's Island is better!
Thanks for the idea!

Kendra said...

I'm so glad it's not just me with very high expectations. Morgan was miffed when he said he wasn't going to talk about the Southern Cross, but aside from that he's enjoyed them. We'll do our comet project this afternoon and send it in. I'm with you, my fingers are crossed that Nim is super cool! :D

Anonymous said...

I love this pocket folder idea Kendra! Thanks for sharing the video!

Marie from HSS