Friday, July 10, 2009

Space Puppies, er Buddies

Last night the boys got to watch Space Buddies as part of our Space studies. I wasn't particularly excited about the movie, because to be honest I expected it to be quite cheesy. I'll be equally honest and say that it was completely and totally cheesy. The boys, however, were on the edge of their seats the entire time. They were enthralled with it. They loved every minute of the silly movie. What I found neat about it, was that at the end of the movie it not only told you how they were able to make certain scenes possible. They also spoke with some real cosmonauts, and you were able to watch real training sessions that these people go through before being able to go to space. They showed clips from the first moon landing and even a few fun tidbits about how much the space shuttles have changed. While the kids didn't stick around for too much of the real information and tidbits (they were too busy digging out there own toy rockets before bedtime!) I'm pretty sure we'll plug it back in again later this week to read again. Especially after we read the current book we've checked out about Neil Armstrong. Oh yeah, and despite the fact that I always call this Space Puppies, I was firmly corrected by a six year old who told me they were really BUDDIES. I stand corrected.

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Tracey said...

This is a cute movie. Good tie in to space. I have this movie but I would not have thought of that.