Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Soccer Saturdays..

5 - 2 - 0

Saturdays are still the coldest day of the week, but they are also the most sought after by a certain eight year old in this house. He's had a lot of fun so far this season, and was delighted to play goalie last week where he managed to save 3 out of 4 goals against kids twice his height and several years older then himself. This week he took his first injury which was gruesome enough to make the sidelines squeamish. He survived, miraculously without a single bruise and only a few minor tears shed. He may be the shortest kid on the field at any given time (he's playing in a league above his age..) but he's finally figured out that if he ducks under all the arms and legs he can get to the ball while the rest of them are still sorting out legs, feet, and shoes. I'm also pretty sure that I'm still the loudest parent on the sidelines, but then again that might be because I'm the only one saying anything besides the coaches.. Funny thing is, I still get a thumbs up or wave on occasion from Morgan when he hears me cheering for him.

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