Thursday, July 2, 2009

President Study Update

Ignore the fact that he looks so horribly glum in that photo. We were having flash troubles and by the time it was sorted out I think he'd used up all his smiles. We finally used our Arthur Meets The President Study, and so the Lapbook & the unit study guide are updated with errors fixed. The boys had a complete blast and are now contemplating a few things about presidency. Jayden is calculating how many more years he'll have to live in America before he can qualify to run. I think he kinda skipped over the age issue, but that's okay. Jayden has taken a huge liking to the idea of being president, and Im pretty sure that his first law would be as much Wii time as anyone would like.

The boys heard the tale about Washington and the Cherry tree and have decided that they don't care if it's true or not if it means they can have cherry pie on Washington's birthday. They are also impressed to see that the white house has something like 107 more rooms then we do, and they are dying to know if he really has his own bowling alley and movie theater. Somehow, I see their letter to the President being quite invasive on the man's privacy! I suspect our next trip to America may require a tour of the White House. Jayden is very eager to learn all he can about Teddy Roosevelt, and Morgan's thinking it would be nice to learn about George Washington since he was first (ahh, I like his orderly fashion to be honest!). I told Morgan we had a few books about Washington on the shelves, and I ordered Jayden a book about good old Teddy. They're both happy about that.

Morgan tried his hand at drawing Arthur. We watched a step by step instructional "thingie" (address for it in the Unit Study Guide) and Morgan tried his hand at it. Jayden tried to stifle a few giggles, and Morgan decided it looks more rabbit like then Arthur like, but Daddy told him that he thought it was very awesome so it's now on the back of his lapbook. Morgan is willing to try anything artsy, and it was fun watching him go at it.

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Tracey said...

Looks great! Keep up the good work.