Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Patriotic CupCakes

For the 4th I wanted to make a red, white, & blue desert. I was going to make some jell-o, or rather fruit juice gelatin with bits of real fruit in it, but we had a birthday party gathering to attend, and I opted for cupcakes instead. I was debating on how to top the cupcakes when I stumbled across Patriotic Cupcakes from Kraft. I took the idea, but totally changed the recipe.
Our cupcakes were completely sugar free, and we didn't use cool-whip either. Instead we used our typical chocolate cake recipe. It's very moist and yummy, but I've heard that it doesn't always cook up properly for people. I think the key is that you may be expecting a totally clean knife when you test your cake. Your knife will not have gooey thin batter on it, but it may have slightly wetter bits of cake on it. I find that cupcakes cook in our electric oven at 180 (350) for 20-25 minutes. Usually the later.
Overcooking them leaves them dry and icky. This is truly a moist cake, so you'll get bits of cake on the knife, but it won't be globs of dough. I suppose it would have been pertinent to take a picture of what I'm attempting to describe, but this might mean making more cupcakes. Somehow, I don't think the guys in this house would be one little bit disappointed! We topped these cupcakes with our cream cheese frosting (recipe to come) and then the fresh fruit, all though the blueberries were frozen. They are way out of season at this time of year, and that will probably be the end of the strawberries until December.. I always hate to see the strawberries go at the end of the growing season..

These little things disappear quite quickly! I'm half suspecting that the guys in this house ate them paper and all considering how quickly that plate of cakes vanished!

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