Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Clock Game

With our math lessons we've focused in a lot on clocks, using our big make-shift clock on the rug for a while. The boys have progressed beyond that and we've been doing simple review and lots of "what time is it" to keep up with the skills they've learned. Morgan has been doing excellent with telling time on the analog clocks around the house on whole hours, half hours, and any 5 minute increment. Jayden does well with the whole and half hours. I decided it was time to make a fun new math game to help them learn how to write the time, and to encourage the analog and digital abilities. Quite some time ago I stumbled across an idea to make Clock Rummy. The idea was well thought out by the original inventor, and even tested in a classroom setting. Since the idea was perfect for us, I decided to make my own version of it and then glue it on to a normal deck of cards (for whole and half hours it took more then one deck of cards!)

The idea is to get the cards all matched up, but it's acceptable to only get two of the cards matched up. We had our first run with it today, and Jayden was easily bored with it because the game took a bit of "sit down and think", but Morgan did really well with it. He fully enjoyed the challenge that it took to check his cards against the discard pile and to compare it with what he picked up.

We weren't too nitty gritty with the rules. We made sure we each had five cards in our hands when we ended our turn, and we kept our matches, but next time I think we may put them out on the table (think RummiKub) and let each other build off of them.

I think as we progress with it we'll also add in more times, as this will help him become quicker at telling time on the "5's" as we call it. For now though we'll stick with the whole and half hours. My one major fault with the game is that I made the cards all going in the "wrong" direction for easy viewing in your hands. This wasn't a huge deal for Jayden because we had him spread his out on the table so we could assist him. I'll also say that it didn't hold Morgan back any at all either. He was just as happy with it as they were. You can download your own set of clock faces and words if you want. Because of the size of the file we've split it in two, and you'll need to click here for faces, and here for words. I simply used a glue stick to adhere them to regular play cards.

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