Thursday, July 30, 2009

Help Name Mr Lid Man

Meet Mr. Lid man. He is made of lots of recycled lids, and he's very colorful. Mr. Lidman has no name, and he's quite sad about that. In fact he was so disappointed to learn he didn't have a name he became quite inconsolable!

He searched high

and he searched low..

He tried an infomercial to get people to call in with suggestions

but no one called..

So he decided to just hang around and wait for us to come up with a solution.

Will you help name the poor fellow??


To enter our Lid man give-away you just need to leave a comment with a name for him! He'll pick his favorite name on Sunday, August 9, and announce the winner. The winner will receive one very colorful Lidman (pictured above) hand crafted by the folks from the Aussie Pumpkin Patch. Contest is open to anyone, anywhere.


KiminSD said...

My kids say Cap would be a good name, cute idea!

Michele said...

How cute! I think he looks like a Tippy! :)

Jocelyne said...

Parker thinks he is cute and that he likes the name Mr. Lidman just fine ;) (he isn't the most creative - his lamb is named lamb, dog is dog, ghost is ghost...)

Kim:) said...

My four name suggestions are CAPITALIZED.:)
When I saw this I, PHILLIP MYLID over how original and adorable! He is made with JUSTA CAPFUL of recyclables and a creative mind!! Maybe someday, he will became famous and appear on the JAY LIDO show! If I win, my little guys will sure think IMMA TOPS!!;)

Anonymous said...

Dd likes the name Cappy. Very cute idea! I have the perfect place to hang it him my school room, he would have alot of fun hanging out with us!