Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loving Earth Chocolate

Not too long ago I mentioned using some agave sweetened chocolate, but never got back to it... Finding sugar-free chocolate that isn't loaded with chemical sugars has been pretty difficult. While we could find sugar-free chocolate, it was often sweetened with malitol or sucrose, which wasn't something we really wanted. I can't get unsweetened chocolate here, which I would have melted down and added stevia to. In fact I was hoping to find some before Easter so that I could make the boys a few chocolates, but I was very unsuccessful in locating any. Many moons ago I was in town at one of the many health food shops I frequent getting my normal bread making supplies when I saw a bottle of agave nectar on the counter.

Now, this might not sound all that exciting, but truth be told I'd been trying to find some for a while and hadn't been having luck with that either! I could order it from the mainland, but it only came in large quantities and I wasn't willing to do that having not tried it yet. Anyway, when I found this small bottle of stuff I purchased it on the spot and nearly ran back to the car before anyone else could try to snag it from me!

The particular shop I was at, while it carries a reasonable range of stuff (most of the time), she has the reputation (with me) for always being out of what I most need when I especially need it. She's always willing to order it, but getting stuff delivered into Tasmania is kind of like throwing a dart at a board and hoping you hit exactly what you want when you want. Now, if you're a supplier to Tasmania, don't take it the wrong way.. it's just my experience! The fact is that it does eventually get here, but never when you expect it. So, after trying the agave syrup and finding that it worked quite well I looked the company up online!

I discovered that Loving Earth is an Australian based company out of Victoria and that I can buy directly from them should I ever want to. However, while looking around their webpage at all their offerings I noticed they also sold chocolate which they claimed to be sugar-free. I wasn't very excited, but opted to read the ingredient label anyway. People are beginning to think label reading is a big past time of mine..

I was delighted to see that the only form of sweetener in the bars was agave syrup! When I realized that the shop I'd just been in was suppose to carry the chocolate I was tempted to run back out at midnight to see if it was true. As it turned out, it was true, all though she quite often runs out so I normally buy it at my veggie shed instead..

The chocolate is quite nice and comes in a variety of flavors, all of which we've liked thus far. Jayden prefers the plain dark chocolate one, which is fine by me. The mint one has a nice mint flavor, but it also has nubs of cocoa bean in it which he's not especially fond of. They don't taste bad, and I don't mind them. The Goji berry one is also quite nice, and I find that Goji berries taste a bit like raspberries, except they have yellow seeds that look similar to a tomato seed. The purple corn and almond is also quite nice, and I don't taste much corn in it. In fact, we don't eat that one very often as a couple of us seem to have some intollerences with corn too.

Morgan and Lawrence can't stand the chocolate. Morgan isn't into dark chocolate and finds any form of dark chocolate disgusting. His favorite is white, so clearly he doesn't enjoy the Loving Earth stuff. Lawrence on the other hand doesn't like it because he thinks it's too bitter (he still eats a fair amount of sugar though.)

The thing is, the Loving Earth Chocolate is quite pricey. The big bars (100 g) range in price from 8.95 - 9.95 depending on which shop we pick them up at. The smaller bars (more like a single serve, but we get at least 3-4 out of them) range in price from 4.50-5.50, again depending on which store we purchase them at. Not exactly cheap stuff, but we don't eat much of it at one time either.

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