Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How To Build Your Own T.V.

Last week my wonderful husband bought me a new washer. Our old one wasn't ringing the clothes out much.. okay at all. I had to lug armfuls of dripping wet clothes outside into the wintery weather to wait for it to drip dry so I could bring it inside to dry properly. I was also beginning to doubt my EcoStore soap.. Turns out, whatever was up with the lack of spinning was also effecting the agitating mode. So when we came home with this wonderfully gigantic washer it didn't come in a box. Rather it came with styrofoam protecting the top and bottom and was completely wrapped up in plastic. When I was given the job of moving the styrofoam out of the hallway I couldn't help but feel all crafty about it. I thought, 'wow, that looks like a tv front, and I could so do something with it', and I did.

Start with a styrofoam frame, I'm betting you could even use a cardboard box or anything that you could make into this shape. Don't worry about the stickers, I just left them on there and pulled out a roll of wrapping paper. Probably one that we've had for years and I found while cleaning a closet this week..

Wrap the whole thing in whatever paper you opt for, or you could spray paint it. My K-mart doesn't sell spray paint, and I wasn't in the mood for battling traffic to cross the road to the hardware store. So I simply used what I had. For the rounded corners I "eased" my wrapping paper in. That means I cut it and then folded it over and taped it down. This project uses an unusually large amount of tape. Some areas of wrapping paper were "pieced" together. It doesn't have to be perfect, the kids won't care.

I used three bottle caps, because we have too many all saved up for lidmen (stay tuned for a give away). I used screws and hammered them through the middle of the lid, and pushed them into the styrofoam. Jayden is particularly found of those buttons. I also looked through my stash of material for a curtain, Jayden was feeling highly gloomy while I was working on it so I let him help pick. Then we raced upstairs and hemmed 3 of the four sides (one side was a finished edge all ready). I made a large rod pocket at the top (aka a larger then normal hem so I could slip a dowel in there). Jayden was particularly excited to get to help with the sewing (read, he cut all my threads and pushed the reverse button for me..)

While Daddy cut a pole to hold the curtain (we had no dowel and ended up using a tomato steak from the shed.) I let Morgan help me with the remote control. With a chunk of leftover paper I simply covered an empty Ritz box. We cut little squares of colored papers to match the buttons on the front. We double stick taped them to the remote control.

After which I was firmly kicked out so they could have fun. I hid in the dinning room and videoed their performances which were quite funny. I heard some unusual weather reports, a few comedies, and even a singing show. Last night we all took turns making up shows. The boys saw guest appearances by Cookie, Prof. H, a Zany Steve Irwin, a Master Chef (I particularly liked when he put the jam on the bread and then instructed us NOT to put it in the toaster like that..), and even a few newscasters informing us about the moon landing. I think this recycled toy will get a lot of use this very wet winter..


alecat said...

This made me smile as my daughter just put in a request for more big boxes so she can make this and that. .... they're the best toys.

Your boys look like they're having fun. Maybe a sort through for odd socks to transform into puppets?

Tracey said...

That is cute! Your boys do look like they are having fun.