Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Math Site

I'm always on the look out for sites that will provide me with things that I can use in our math classes. We have a variety of resources around the house, but I was delighted to discover this awesome website called Teach This. Not only is it loaded with a variety of school printable games, but it's got a treasure trove of fun math resources. The site is not free, but well worth the $39.95 fee. (Keep in mind that the price is in Australian Dollar, to convert to your currency click here.) What I love about it is that it is an Australian site. Money games and resources are hard to acquire with our currency on them. My kids are being taught to recognize both American and Australian dollars. We also have pounds and euros around here too, but that's another story entirely!

Our printed worked overtime, as did the laminator, to get a few new math games up and running a couple of weeks ago. The boys thought it enjoyed playing all of them too. All though we've not tried out the snail game (up front) yet.

This was the money game we played. It comes with a dice (you must cut and glue yourself) and then you collect the coins you need in order to buy your "new toy". Using the coin dice was great review for Morgan and good starters for Jayden who hasn't had much practice with money yet. All though he's pretty keen on American money at the moment because he's very into presidents right now. Toy Store can be found here.

I was excited about this game because both of the boys are going to be learning place value. Oddly enough it's not something that was taught in Morgan's math books in great amounts yet. He did learn to count by 10's and sort 10's and 1's, etc. Anyway, this game is only basic and works with 10's and 1's, and we had a might bit of difficulty figuring out the set-up and even had to call the "principle" in for a bit of help. Once we figured it out though we had a lot of fun with it. The paper peeking out behind it also goes with the game.. Delivery Dan can be found here.

Then I found Clock Bingo and I was so excited by this find! The boys loving playing a few varieties of phonics Bingo and it had truly never occured to me to make any math bingo games. So silly of me, cause even Bingo in itself (sorry Nana) would be a good math lesson for the boys to recognize reading a graph and finding various numbers. However, this game was lots of fun, and a tad challenging for them because the hands were the same color and slightly similar in length. I suspect this one will gets lots of use this week. You can find it here.


Morgan said...

Wow! What a resource! Most certainly will be something I will ask my principal to purchase for me one day!

Tracey said...

Kendra, this looks fabulously fun! I want to do math at your house.