Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few Questions Answered

Where did you get the planner in your pictures?
I made it. I have a scrapbooking program, which my loving husband bought for me many moons ago as a Christmas gift. I've used it relentlessly since the day it arrived for making all sorts of fun things. Including this handy little planner for myself.

Where'd you get the graphics?
Some were ones I had stored away in my scrapbooking program, some I found on the internet through a simple google search. Remember when searching for images many are copyrighted, so choose wisely.

Where can I get a copy of the planner?
The planner links are posted here. Each section is slightly defined, so you hopefully know which links to click on to find what you're after. Each bit of the planner is saved as a pdf, and some are quite large (12 pages or more) and may take a minute or two to download!

What about the cover and calendar pages, are they available?
Yes! They are now. I had a few technical difficulties with one of the computers (I have to pass my pdfs through a couple of computers sometimes..) but I've got it all squared away now! The cover is here. It's three pages with three different wording options. The calendars are here. I left them blank for perpetual use, and because some of us celebrate different holidays then others, etc.

Will you ever make another?
Probably! I enjoy using the program very much, but right now I'm working on some notebooking pages, lapbooks, and other things for the boys upcoming studies. I'm sure I'll probably share whatever I make though.


Tracey said...

I just found these, and I love them. Great job! Can I copy them?

Kendra said...

Yup, you can copy them :) You'd probably have to in order to have enough anyway.. Glad you like them, they were fun to make, but man was it a lot of cutting and pasting to make that silly cover! lol

Molly said...

I may have missed it, but can you share the name of the scrapbooking program?

Kendra said...

Creative KeepSakes Scrapbooking Program. I think you might be able to purchase it from Amazon. It has poor reviews there, but personally I love using it. ;) I'm not sure which version I currently own, but it's not the newest...