Monday, July 27, 2009


In the Fun Filled Weekly Workbox Meme I posted a link for the Ni Hao Kai Lan puppets and the silly link got you there, but the links provided by Nick Jr to download the puppets don't work. Sorry about that. You have to go the long way around and use the puppets theme link.

Another Note 7/28: The link for Rintoo is here. He's the tiger looking puppet, Morgan was most put out the second link didn't provide him, so I had to monkey around, but I found it.

We're having some slight internet issues here, but once they clear up the Aussie Pumpkin Patch will be hosting another give-away. I'll give you one small hint. Other than that you'll just have to wait it out.

Hopefully we'll have some photos to post of some really adorable masked lapwing chicks. They are crazy cute, but their parents, not so much. They are pretty territorial birds (think Killdeer for those of you in America..) and weren't to keen when we walked by with the dog. It was amazing to watch the chicks scrunch down and hide like rocks when the parents took to the air. Yes, the parents took to the air to dive bomb Buster. No joke! All the masked lapwings have it in for him, I'd say "Poor dog.." but I'm pretty sure he asks for it ...

And yes, for anyone who clicked on the above link, those little stinkers really have wing spurs! I spent many hours after we first moved here chasing some down with my book and binoculars just to verify that fact myself. Not so smart chasing down birds with spurs, but one has to know, right? I'm fairy certain the birds were saying the same things my neighbors were, "Crazy American..." but hey, it's not every day one spies a bird with spurs, unless of course your yard is often invaded with masked lapwings (like ours..)

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