Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Container Gardening

While I'd love to have a great big giant vegetable patch in the yard, I don't. So, I've been playing here and there with container gardening, which has come up with iffy results. We had a few lettuces that we managed to enjoy some of after picking off snails. We also managed a cucumber or two and a bazillion tomatoes last year. So, despite it being a tad early I've all ready been doing plenty of reading and planning for our containers this year. Only, being a visual person, and one who likes to do far more research then can possibly be healthy, I scoured my library catalog system for a book that would help answer a few questions I had. Kitchen Harvest nearly leapt off the shelves into my lap, and I've all ready made plans to purchase the book. I'm really loving this little gem!

It also happened that a local store had strawberry plants, raspberry canes, and seed potatoes on sale. We stocked up! I all ready had plans for the potatoes, finding this handy little guide sometime ago. We also have a quarter sized strawberry pot, which we received for Christmas, I can't wait to see the pot brimming with green leaves and red berries. The upside of container gardening is that if I move things inside we can have home grown fruits and veggies during abnormal seasons.

I've all ready started my garden planning by picking out seeds from The Lost Seed Company. I love their seeds, and have used many in the past, and was reminded of them again recently. I'm delighted to see that my local nursery has a much wider selection this year! I'm looking forward to some beans now that they have the bush variety! We picked up some Capsicum (pepper) & Baby Cos (lettuce) today. What I love the most about this company is that their seeds are all non-gmo, non-hybrids, & completely chemical free. I dunno about you, but I feel totally freaked out when I open a packet of seeds and it says, "Not For Humane Consumption", what's the point in that?! The other nifty thing about The Lost Seed Company is that they are a Tasmanian based company. Tasmania has some very strict rules in place about what can and can't be sent into the state. Many gardening seeds can't be sent in, even if they are produced in another part of Australia!

The boys are on board as well. Morgan's holding out to grow some pumpkins, and I'm with him since we can get a few that will be awesome for pies. I also noticed they now have a New England variety which normally sell for $20 ea. in our local grocery. Oh yes, you read that right! When you Americans are carving up pumpkins for fall, our stores have them too, but at such unsightly prices I'm shocked anyone would buy them. If Morgan tends his seeds right he could have quite the pumpkin stand this year. Jayden is holding out for watermelon, and I'm with him ALL the way! I'm enjoying planning our container garden during this very gray and wet winter we're currently enduring. It's like that ray of sunshine on an otherwise very dreary day.


Tracey said...

Looks really neat.

marion said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.