Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrate Moon Day!

Did you know that 40 years ago today, July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the moon? In honor of such a momentous occasion we opted to celebrate "Moon Day". It was a really fun way to work some history into our Space study, and to teach the boys about a real astronaut. We read a book from the library called What Would You Ask Neil Armstrong? The book is written as though a child is truly asking Armstrong questions, and it's a very informative little book. You can choose to read the short answers, like "What do you do?" "I am an American astronaut and pilot." Or you can read the short and long answer which goes into great detail about the questions asked. We opted to read the long and short answers together and the boys were completely fascinated by the entire book. They each walked away with totally different things on their minds. For instance, Jayden couldn't get over the parts where things blew up (The Challenger (Armstrong was involved in investigating what went wrong) as well as the Eagle moon module.) Morgan on the other hand gave me quite a bit of detail back on how the rocket came apart to throw the crew higher into space, and discussed when Armstrong first became a pilot and so on. Oh, and my absolute favorite, "I know which one he is in the picture, because I can really see just how strong his arms are Mom!" (I'm so sorry Mr. Armstrong, but you will forever be remembered in this home as "the man with the strongest arms!"

The boys each colored a little paper of an astronaut and then told me what I should write on it for them about Armstrong. I still tend to write lots for Morgan because he likes to sound each letter of his words to make sure they are spelled right. That and his mind travels faster then his hand so it's easier if he just tells it to me and I lodge it onto paper for him. I asked Jayden a few questions for him to answer, because he was just too hung up about the "blowing up bits". Alas..

(Ignore the fact that we called the Apollo the Challenger..)

We also viewed a clip of the telecast from when the actual landing took place back in 1969. The boys were very quiet as they watched, but when it was over Morgan simply said, "Gosh, what kinda camera did they use anyway? I could barely see anything, and it was all black and white with no color!" (Uncle D, you have a comrade in arms for not watching black and white because it can't be understood!!)

For diner we had baked Moon Rocks (baked potatoes), Alien Fingers (steamed green beans), Out Of This World Melon (watermelon cut into rocket shapes), Asteroid Sandwiches (marinated lemon honey chicken sandwiches), with a big Happy Moon Day cake.

The boys have been playing astronauts all evening, zooming from one planet to the next. They've also taken the t.v. I made them and used it to act out many moon landing scenarios as well as give us tidbits and updates on their favorite planets.

Happy Moon Day especially to Mr Armstrong, Mr. Aldren, & Mr. Collins. How will you be celebrating?

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Holly said...

How cool was that?!?! I love your ideas Kendra!