Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wet Winters and Laundry

Do I really need to say much more? Wanna play I spy? You know, like how many places can you spot laundry in this picture? Or, how about What Time Is It Mr Fox to figure out how long it took us to get all that dry, which by the way was only 2 loads. We had another 2 loads hanging out under cover and a single load in the washer. Wanna take a wild guess at what I spend all winter doing? And no, I wasn't staring at laundry on the computer, I was listening to something and taking notes.. Birthday pictures coming soon, I know at least one of you has to be impatiently waiting for them!


Michele said...

Surprisingly that looks like my house! :)

schmobes said...

My dining room looks like that most of the winter, but I have much less floor space for it! One of my favorite quotes from this spring was "Mommy! Hanging the laundry outside! That's a sign of spring!"