Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tasmanian Winter

Winter is officially underway down here in Tasmania. It rolled in on Monday, complete with rain, wind, and lots of chilly air. Despite our disappointment over the rain we decided to celebrate the fact that summer was only 6 months away.

Then Monday became Tuesday, and Tuesday became Wednesday and so the cycle goes.. and with it came the rain. Lots, and lots of rain. We got a small reprieve on Thursday and rushed out the door with the dog in tow for a walk down along the beach. It was wet and muddy and slick, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We lingered long enough to watch the tugboats guide a ship out to sea and another one back in. Friday we were amazed to see a tinge of blue sky and we soaked it up while we could.

Then came Saturday, and I held out hope when I woke up to a slightly blue sky poking it's head through the cloud. By the time breakfast was over and I was hanging my daily load of laundry out in the wet and cold and staring at the awesome mud slide the boys made (yeah, really) I broke into song. Not just any old song, but I was hit with the urge to break into, Flood by Jars of Clay. So there I am in my purple snowman jammies standing on a mud crusted deck singing away. Probably a good thing our neighbors are sheep on that side of the house! Winter has arrived..

You know the really scary part? I'm pretty sure by the time the winter's over we'll have had our own mud fest.. In fact, the boys were all ready racing dump trucks up and down the mudslide, it's only a matter of time before they try sliding down it themselves...

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