Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party Banner

We have a birthday banner. Truth be told this banner comes out for many birthdays, including the one we celebrate on Christmas. It's so much fun to hang it up and enjoy. I first saw the cupcake material in our local craft store and I was really drawn to it. However, I all ready have a party cloth and it's much more whimsical and less pink, and since I'm the only girl in the house less pink is more us. Anyway, I considered the material for a minute and then opted not to get it. However, I spotted a felt birthday banner made from simple triangles. I no longer remember where I saw it, but I do remember someone having used felt letters to write Happy Birthday upon it.

you will ignore that wrinkle, right?

The idea itself was cute, but I wanted to use party themed material. I'm a tad neurotic that way.. I then remembered the "party" (as I often refer to it as) material at our local craft store. I got very excited when I realized I had a project I could use it for, and our next trip out that way I picked some up.

When I first saw the material all they had was the cute cupcakes, but when I went back to make the purchase they actually had the matching polk-a-dots and the ice creams. I opted to get a bit of each and space them out in the banner.

I ended up making a triangle in a word type program and used that as my pattern. I used pinking sheers to cut them out because I didn't want to worry about hemming a ton of triangles, and since they hang up I doubted they'd need washing too often. I used ribbon on one row, and I used a minty binding on another row. I still have more left that I've been debating about making into another banner for a few months now.

I love seeing these things hanging up on the kids birthdays (and the adults too!) In fact, I tend to get a little sad when I have to take them down and pack them away. The best part is they aren't themed for anything more then fun so we use them quite often for a variety of things, and even the boys think the birthday banner is cool!


Julie said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

great ideas... great work..thanks for sharing.

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