Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh The Things They Say...


The boys have been overheard discussing some odd things lately, but my favorite was this one:

"Mom, when's the end of the world?" -- J
"Oh, you know, when God floods the earth!" thoughtful pause .. "Wait, God told Moses he'd never do that again, so I must be wrong. Oh, no, it wasn't Moses, it was Noah. I dunno, but I think that's when the world will end. It'll be kinda weird though, you know, because God said he'd never do that to us again...... "
Seriously, he sat there and carried on a conversation with himself over the entire issue for a good five minutes while the rest of us were standing there watching unsure of what to say. In the end all his brother could say was, "Wanna play Indiana Jones some more?" And For the record, they don't know anything about Indiana other then his lego figurine comes with a cool whip, and he's terrified of snakes. Yeah, limited I know....


Tracey said...

That is really cute. It sounds like he was really trying to think it through.