Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr Nicky

Have you ever heard Mr Nicky? We have, lots and lots of times. You see, when buying some cds from our cd club I wanted to pick the kids up a few fun cds that might not drive me totally insane. That's when I stumbled across the first Mr Nicky cd. I was allured by the charming name of RattleSnakes for Breakfast. Okay, so I'm not a snake person and I wasn't interested in eating them, but there was something catchy about that little name. The upside is that I also get to listen to free samples of music through my club so I had a listen and opted to get the cd. Now, I'm not going to say that this cd hasn't driving me nutty or anything like that, but my children find it down right hilarious when we all break into song with, "That's when me and Daddy started belly dancing..." Oh yea, it's a real song on that cd! The funniest part is that you here a deep voice say, "What's going on in here..." and the kids listen to these cds at bedtime. Unsuspectingly I went in to brush my teeth and nearly swallowed my toothbrush when a deep voice demanded, "What's going on in there!"

However, our very favorite song on the first cd would most certainly have to be Too Many Beans. Yup, he did it.. he wrote a song about beans and what happens when one consumes too many. The unfortunate child in the song managed to burn his Grandma's couch up, and despite hearing this song a million times Jayden still cracks up each time it comes on. Me? I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that I know the words and can sing along

Mind you, the title song isn't half bad itself, and we've sung that one too often too. It's been a while since I've actually listened to this cd, but due to it being on the boys room when I served eggs the other day I was met with screams of, "No Mamma, No! We can't eat those little Rattlesnakes..." I'm telling you, I should make up some hideously funny song with math facts in it, and my boys would have it memorized in minutes.. Bring back memories little brother??

Our music club is closing down and changing hands, and that's kinda okay with us. Cause we live in Australia and our music club is based out of America. Due to this closing down they were selling cds at great prices and we also had some freebies to cash in on, so we did. I was delighted to see a newer Mr Nicky up for grabs and there was no way I could resist it. When it arrived last week, we were very busy and didn't get a chance to listen to it until a few days ago, we've been rolling with laughter ever since.

How on earth can you resist a song about a bad habit of making fun of dinosaurs? Seriously funny song, you just have to listen to it yourself. Really, you do. (You can listen for free over at Amazon.) The best part of Mr Nicky's cds is that he takes some really good information and works it into silly songs. My science hungry kids learned a lot from this most recent cd, like a worm is really called an earthworm. They thought this was really funny. It also brought up lots of discussions about Uncle D's real name too, but that's an entirely different story..

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