Friday, June 26, 2009

Living Math Update


We're still moving along with our living math ways here. We've spent a good deal of time focusing on telling time here lately, but we've also been using our math notebooks. These ones happen to be spiral bound vs three-ring binders, but the boys were tickled pink when I gave them to them. They use these right now for any of the problems they choose to work on in the books we check out of the library. They are fully enjoying the Firefighter & Zookeeper books. I let them pick a page or two to work off of, and they record their answers in the notebooks. Jayden has gotten to use a lot of graphs for determining what causes the most fires and how they are most often put out. The zoobook has a large variety of problems, and Morgan has fully enjoyed them all. He got his first dose of double digit addition this week with it, which was really fun for him. I've also taken to recording three math problems in their notebooks and having them record those answers as well. The questions are often based on what we're studying that day.

Morgan knows about odds & evens, but we haven't discussed them in a while so I stuck the question in his math notebook to see how he did. He didn't even need to ask for help! We played a new game this week called Number Neighbors. It's played rather similar to Go-Fish where you ask each other for cards, only instead of asking for a specific card you simply say, "Do you have any number neighbors for ...."

The game came from the book Math Games that I picked up over at Currclick. The boys enjoyed this one, all though Jayden was slightly annoyed we didn't play 10's concentration first! He was determined that we play the game before we put away our maths stuff for the day.

I also include one math fact problem each day as well. This gives me the opportunity to give the kids a problem they might struggle with. For instance Morgan does well with his double addition problems, but he struggles with the quick answers for three of the higher problems. So I sneak one in his notebook each day. Jayden is still learning his double facts so he gets simpler ones and I give him linking cubes to work them out with.

Super Math Bear is still enjoying watching over math sessions and checking their notebooks afterwards. I might have to find a bear paw print stamp for him to mark the pages after he's read through them.. As for how the boys like living math? Well, Morgan informed me this week that, "This is so much more fun! I'm so glad we get to do math like this, will we keep doing it this way forever?"


Tracey said...


Mom Guide said...

Okay just found your blog...and love it. DS really wants to know where you got Super Math Bear. LOL

Kendra said...

We actually saw him sitting in the window of a local sports store that also sells beanie kids. He was one of the larger ones (about the size of a CareBear or Cabbage Patch kid) and our then 4 year old saw it three days before his birthday and declared that was all he wanted for his birthday.

Kylie said...

Yay I found an Aussie Homeschool Blogspot Blogger, they seem to be hard to find hehehe.

Love Super Math Bear and I am thinking I am going to have find one of those for our home.

Kendra said...

lol Kylie, he usually sits in our window overlooking us.. I'm thinking a few numbers on his ears might be good.. Dh picked him up at the footie store in the mall here.. The name of it evades me, but I know my SIL found one as well at another beanie kid distributer. She picked it up for the same child for the same birthday we did.

Jimmie said...

Super Math Bear is too funny! My daughter loves gimmicks like that. Keep up the living math!

Kendra said...

Thanks Jimmie! I've had a couple of those "dragging out the text book would be so much easier" type moments, but I have to remind myself of how much the kids love it. ;)