Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Living Math: Dominoes

For a change of pace from our clock lessons we opted to focus in a bit on addition. Jayden is still working on basic addition, while Morgan is ready to move up to double addition. I needed a hands on fun alternative to teach these methods to them. They both understand the concept of addition, they both know how, but I still want to keep things moving along with them. I also wanted a creative way to teach Morgan to carry numbers while adding, as he's never truly tackled double addition before. We have a large pot of dominoes that we picked up for a dollar many moons ago. The boys were excited to find them in their workboxes, but were a tad bewildered when I said we weren't playing a normal game with them.

I tipped the dominoes upside down so no one would be too choosey about what they picked, because chances are they would have been. Then I had Jayden pick one domino. His job was to count the dots on each side, write the math problem, and find the answer. Counting the dots to find the answers was 100% acceptable. It was great practice for him to work on writing his math facts as well as he's never written them out before either.

I love looking at the way Jayden writes those nines. He puts a circle then gives it a tail! Very cute. We also took the opportunity to discuss teens. He knows the numbers, and can recognize them, but he's never truly written them out so we had to discuss putting the one first.

Morgan, on the other hand, was required to take two dominoes and consider each one a full number. So, if he plucked up a domino with 6 dots and 4 dots he could consider it 46 or 64, the choice was his. (He read them as true numbers so whatever numbers was on the left was what he based it on.) He then wrote his problems with both of the big numbers and added them. Not all problems required carrying. He was startled the first time he got the answer 109. He said, "This can't possibly be write 10. 9. Can it?" I had to point out that if he had three numbers it wasn't said 10. 9. He was impressed that he could add up enough numbers to reach 100 or higher.

It was also good practice for number writing. Interestingly enough, today when he was required to write even and odd numbers I noticed he went with numbers in the hundreds or higher. He thought he was being very funny and I heard much giggling over it. He was a tad disappointed to discover that 300 was an even number though. Guess who was giggling then!

I had the timer set on my watch, which turned out to be a good thing. No one wanted to stop playing with the dominoes. So I told them they had until the timer went off and then we had to move on to reading...


Spesamor Academy said...

I've been really enjoying reading your blog. You have lots of great ideas!
I have to admit that it was also a great relief to see that my kids aren't the only ones who write their numbers backwards. :) Because some days, I get really frustrated about that!

Heather said...

You are so cool Kendra! I look forward to seeing your math posts all the time. Have any more?

Heather W

Kendra said...

I do have more coming up! :D I need to finish making a time telling game, and a money game then try them out. I'm starting to with Bare Books would ship this far so I could get some blank game boards.