Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekly Workboxes: Space

Another week of school has passed us by and we didn't accomplish everything we had hoped to especially since we lost a bit of time this week with a couple of big, completely unexpected, interruption. That means we'll carry a little bit of our unit study from last week into this week. It works out well for us though as we're starting a Space Class with Professor H this week. These are live classes offered by CurrClick. This one is still up for grabs for $3.99 per family. It starts on the 29th (USA time) so hurry!

Because I'm not making the lesson plans I have a few space crafts picked out for the kids, but we'll see how many officially land in the workboxes this week. The final decision will come based on what fun things they'll be doing for their Space Class. So, don't be too shocked if you see some of these come up again in a week or two!
The rocket may take more then a day to build, but I think they'll fully enjoy themselves. They spent hours in one their cousins made last year. I think next week they may find supplies for simple space outfits in their boxes, as well as homemade space food (think pudding in a baggie).


What about you, what fun things have you got planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes this week? Blog about it and come link up here! If you don't have a blog, and want to share what you'll be doing, just leave a comment and let us know!

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Tristan said...

Ta Da! My post is ready. Sounds like a fun space week at your house!