Monday, June 22, 2009

Chore Charts

Before moving to Australia we use to use the handy "I Did My Chores" system. It's really great and simple to use and it was a big visual for our then non-readers. However, when you're moving "as far around the world as you can go before you start coming back..." you have to be quite choosy about what you're willing to put in your bags. Chore charts were not very high on the priority list. Which means, every day, despite always having done the same chores, the boys would always need reminding of what to do. Which made me seriously question my sanity, and probably would have made my parents question theirs when I asked them to hunt through our storage shed and find the chore charts. (Seriously, guys, don't do it!)

While scanning a homeschool message board Celia posted about someone who created a chore chart with the workbox system in mind. It was one of those lightbulb moments for me. No point in everyone losing their minds when I could make something up with my handy little scrapbooking program!

So now the boys have a morning chore chart and an afternoon chore chart. The idea is that they find it empty in the morning and they fill it up with x's as they move along. Only, one morning, I forgot to clear it so Jayden was pretty pleased that he had no chores to do. It took a tad of convincing from the other guys at the table that he wasn't quite that lucky. He was very disappointed when I yanked all the x's off his chart during the discussion..

The charts only took me about five minutes to make in the program and then I printed them out and laminated them. I keep the x's in a bowl on the counter near the charts. The afternoon chart has recently been moved upstairs because we spend our afternoons upstairs during the winter months. It's also not all inclusive of their chores. For instance, they are both learning to dust (one entire shelf each week), Morgan is learning to wash the bathroom down, and they are both learning to vacuum downstairs. These chores are done once a week on a specific day, and with me near by to instruct as they go along.

The chart also doesn't include Saturday chores (cleaning pet cage, washing dog, and cleaning out the car.) I may choose to change the charts down the road as chores change and things, but for now it's an easy way for them to see what they have to do in the morning/afternoon without worrying if I'm busy doing my own chores.

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great ideas... great work..thanks for sharing.

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