Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BugCafe Give-Away Winners

We put the names in a bowl (instead of a hat) and plucked a winner. Yes, I rolled them all up fancy like because if they hadn't all looked exactly the same it may have taken the boys hours to choose one! Then we called the little helpers into the kitchen and told them they would each get to draw a winner out. Once we explained they personally weren't winning anything we were set to go.. Then my pan of pears started smoking and we had to evict them from the kitchen. (Yes, really.. I'm quite disappointed by the loss of those pears too!)

First Place Goes To Helen!

Second place goes to Lisa!

Third place goes to KellyC!

Congratulations ladies, if you just email us we'll get you all set up. For those of you who did entered but didn't win, don't forget you can always play for free at BugCafe!

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