Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Party Photos..

I didn't forget about birthday photos, we just have a few technical difficulties with the pictures and hard drives lately. Now that it's all sorted out and all the missing pictures have been found I can share them! This crazy zany thing staring you down with the "evil eyes" is Morgan's bird. We had a rainforest/Diego party for Jayden. I had some Deigo material that I had picked up while in America. My intention had been to make Jayden a shirt, but I didn't pick up enough material and it's been sitting in a box ever since. I ended up pulling it out and whipping up a few party bags from it. Inside were the feathers, eyes, cups, straws, and other "things" for making these funny little birds. We had bird races in the living room during our party. We had many exotic birds flying around!

We printed out (on many sheets of paper) Baby Jaguar, and then proceeded to cut a spot out for the kid to play "Pin The Spot" with it.

Nana was more then willing to play this game too, so of course they gave her a few extra spins and then put her on the wrong wall in an attempt to knock her out of the game

Jayden was also convinced for a while that he was really 7 because he'd had a birthday the day before and he was 6, and if he was having another birthday then he must surely be 7..

Jayden's favorite part was convincing cousins to come outside and jump on the trampoline with him, which they did.. Over, and over, and over and over.. Then they willingly agreed to come inside and play Wii with him while the rest joined up for a quick game of S'math.

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