Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Fun

I know I'm very late posting birthday fun for Jayden, and this will only be some of it. That nasty cold the boys were fighting finally decided to catch up with me. On Friday. When someone was celebrating his 6th birthday.. I was so out of it that his poor cake wasn't even decorated until about 10 minutes before we lit it up and ate it! Yes, it's all sugar-free, even those bright red lips! I was so out of it I couldn't think of anything in the house that was red (never mind there was a bowl of apples in front of me!) so I took the ring off the plastic milk jug and cut it in half to form the smile. The boys were convinced I'd found some exotic candy and both wanted to eat it.

Jayden was delighted to wake up and see the house decorated for his birthday. All though I confess I blew up no balloons this year, I'm not sure anyone had enough breathing power in them for it! Like our classy cloth wrapping paper?

He was very excited to open up this big blue present, but his favorite present would be the cap gun laying on the kitchen table there. He didn't realized I'd safety pinned the blanket around the box and was yanking away wondering why it wasn't coming off. So now our parties can have trick wrapping as well as trick candles..

Yes, I'm hiding behind the box. No way was I letting my poor burned chin in the birthday photos. Just thing, Jayden would grow up and tell everyone all his life how his mom burned her child on mashed potatoes.. That rescue center came with lots of fun Rain Forest Animals that the boys spend hours rescuing from that purple man on our table (Robby Rotten). Then Jayden decided to go outside and have a one man gun fight on the trampoline (video to come because it was just SO funny...)

No, the boy on the cake is not Jayden, it's a bad replica of Diego but Jayden fully enjoyed it. Yes, it's completely sugar-free. The boys each requested to get a bit of cake with an eyeball on it, that was after I convinced them the mouth was truly plastic!

We also took him to his favorite park to play (sorry no pictures!) and Spaghettie for dinner. Not to mention he got to stay up late and enjoy one of his new Thomas videos.


Michele said...

What a fun birthday! I love that they wanted to eat the mouth! That would be my boys! So funny!
The cake looks fantastic!

Kendra said...

Aww, thanks, cause I thought he looked really cheesy! lol But I was too out of it to care, and since the birthday boy liked it I was happy. I'm still curious to know what they thought the mouth was, but they won't fess up!