Monday, June 1, 2009

Australian Nature Study

I've been searching for a Nature Study guide of any sort that is based on Australian flora and fauna. Down Under Literature mentioned a book called The Wonderland of Nature by Nuri Mass. The Tasmanian library system had one copy, but it's considered a reference book and not permitted to be checked out. I was highly disappointed by the whole thing. However, Down Under Literature has been able to bring the book back into print! I finally ordered my copy and it arrived today, much to our delight. I went for the Book & Cd duet, because I liked that we could journal what we learned about it as we went along.

I love the simple but incredibly clear drawings, and the boys nearly had a knock-down-drag-out over who was closest to have the best look for the picture of the Praying Mantis while we were reading about them. We had our own praying mantis visitor this summer, and the boys were eager to hear about the one in the book.

The book is really well written for them too. Simple to read, but full of great information. It's written as a mother's adventures in nature with her own two children. In fact the boys were highly impressed to see a picture of Chris & Tess. You can read the intro and see some of the drawings here. The book doesn't contain information on typical Australian mammals, but it contains a lot of great information on plenty of other great things.

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