Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Happens When Mom's Sick?

Oh lots of things have been known to happen around here when I'm sick. Thankfully I don't get sick very often. All though earlier this year I lost my voice with an icky cold that passed through. We called off school for 3 days while I recovered. The boys didn't want to take off and attempted to work through workboxes, the problem was some of the stuff they clearly needed help with. Daddy tried to help them, but rather then playing games on the substitute teacher, they told him he wasn't doing it like Mom does. In fact they became so annoyed with his method of helping them that they packed up their boxes and said, "Maybe we should just wait until Mommy's better."

So this time when a tummy bug hit we did a little school. As in, a bit of math, some reading, a few read alouds. Nothing that took much time or had anyone confined to the table too long. The problem was, we were also running low on snacks. Since we don't buy prepackaged ones it meant getting up and making something anyway.

I did. I made the guys some fruit leather, with the help of the boys (recipe to come). When I asked Morgan to fetch me the apple peeler he was delighted. Only, in typical Morgan fashion, he was sure that the shelf in that cupboard was "special" and to prove his point he yanked on it a few times. Everything on that shelf went tumbling. Morgan was shocked, and simply said, "Oh, guess it's not a trick shelf."

Daddy offered to fix it on his next work break, so we closed the cupboards and pretended it wasn't lurking. After the fruit leather was in the oven I went outside to hang up laundry and sweep up hay.

I come back in and notice that Daddy is missing. I figured he went back to work, and I continued to fold and pile up laundry. Only, I suddenly noticed a few funny looks on the boys faces, which was an instant clue that they were all up to something..

Oh yes he did.. the saying, "It'll be a squash!" came to mind, but the fact that he was in there for a good twenty minutes while I was fiddling with laundry really cracked me up.

Apparently no one wanted to be left out, and yes he has lunch all over his face, musta been really good!

Can you tell it's a big L shaped cupboard? Holds lots of stuff, including kids and husbands!

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Michele said...

That is funny and totally something I would do to my dh! I am the big practical joker in this family!