Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Kitchen Gadget

This weekend after our weekly soccer game we stopped into a local store for computer ink. While we were there I was looking down the kitchen isle and spotted this Breville Yogurt Creations maker. I'll be honest and say in the past I've never been interested in one. I'm quite capable of making yogurt without a fancy gadget to help me out. However, the tag on the machine said that depending on the setting would depend on how thick my yogurt could become.

I was intrigued. While our yogurt isn't runny (most of the time) it's not always THICK either. Something we kinda like. My husband asked if I wanted it, and I said, I wouldn't mind it, because I was quite interested to see if it could live up to it's potential there or not. I was figuring it wouldn't and that I'd probably end up returning it next time I was in town.

Well, the cute little R2D2 look alike (the fact that I know that is kinda freakish) does an amazingly good job. I'd like to say it's because it's pink (see the dial? and the base, and the whole inside is pink too!), but I'm pretty sure the guys would point out the inaccuracies of such a statement.

Either way, the little machine did a fantastic job for us! I read the little book, which wasn't full of much information. Mixed up a batch of yogurt (with stevia) and then set the dial to just past the 5. It said that it should take up about 4-5 hours for one batch of yogurt. Check it and then set it for more time if you wanted it thicker.

The boys bedtime arose and they wanted to check out the yogurt, so with about 30 minutes left on the little timer I checked it and was shocked by just how thick it was. I'm talking tip your spoon over and it didn't fall off. I shouldn't have been too surprised considering all of our Beville appliance work very well despite the abuse we give them.

The yogurt was so yummy that most of us indulged in it for breakfast. I'll have to order some more of the raspberry and lemon honey and make some yogurt with them. It's really tasty that way!

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Michele said...

Man I wish that was available in the US. I have been looking for a yogurt maker!