Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things I've Learned From Soccer...

1. Small players have more enthusiasm
2. Big players find little players amusing
3. Big players underestimate the speed of the little players
4. Nothing's colder then Saturday morning on the soccer field
5. 60 minutes of clapping keeps your hands warm, but leaves them sore
6. You can hold your breath for a full 45 seconds without realizing it
7. Warming up with the players is a great way to stay warm
8. Striped long johns are embarrassing if your teammates see them
9. No matter how warm purple snowman bathrobes are, it's too embarrassing for your child to permit it at the game
10. 8-10 year olds say the funniest things when it comes to being out run by little players
11. 3 shirts is not enough to keep you warm on a Saturday morning
12. No matter how dry it looks, the ground is always wet
13. Even soccer players have to stop and pull up their socks
14. You can play soccer in a skirt
15. Your team mates can amaze your little brother because they share the names of some of his favorite trains
16. It's possible to play soccer for 1.5 months and not know the names of all your teammates
17. Being knocked over on the soccer field doesn't hurt, as long as your brother didn't do it
18. Referees are the same size as the players
19. City buses can easily squash soccer balls
20. One must petition the local council in order to fence in a soccer field
21. Warm quilts are mandatory for spectators
22. A 6 year old will be bored 3.25 minutes into the first half
23. It is possible to freeze to the ground before a game ends
24. You can be a one man cheering squad and your kid thinks it's cool
25. Your life will never be the same once you sign up

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