Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Harry Potter Finale

One of the ideas I came up with for a 'potions' class was to do some color mixing. We haven't actually done an official color combination type lesson yet, and while they knew that adding white to a color would lighten it (like white to pink would make red), I wasn't so sure they knew how to make some other combos.

I simply filled each cup about 3/4 full of water and added 5 drops of the basic food colorings (minus green I wanted them to figure out what colors made green). I did end up stirring them up, but I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the colors all whirling around in there like that!

I gave them each their water and three empty cups. I did use real glass because it was the only see through stuff I had that was all the same size... I explained that the object was to find the right colors to make green, purple, and orange. I told them to go for it and see what they could come up with.

I gave them each a tablespoon to scoop up the water with. Morgan was able to do his on his own without any trouble at all. He reasoned, hummed, hawed, and wondered if he messed up if he'd be lucky enough to give Daddy boils..

The cups of starting colors were a bit too big and heavy for Jayden to hold without frightening us all so I held it while he scooped out as much as he wanted. Ironically he has made a greenish color there and he was aiming for orange.. Morgan, who was aiming for green made orange! They had a great laugh about it.

Jayden decided to explain that they were making some potions that might help him get smart, or they might turn him funny colors and then he'd hop around like a frog.. Daddy, ever the willing guinea pig, proceeded to drink the water and then hop around like a frog much to Jayden's delight.

Morgan jotted down his results on his notebooking page, and we filed it away when we were done..

One of our last science experiments (I mean magic tricks) was to see if they could get a stick through the balloon without popping it. Jayden went first because the sounds of a balloon popping doesn't bother him, Morgan and I run for cover though..

Needless to say, he was unsuccessful...

Next, we dipped the skewer into vaseline and let Morgan have a go, he was extremely nervous it would pop on him, but he kept at it..

Morgan's effort was far more successful. To replicate this activity at home, make sure you put the stick in from the base to the top! You can find this experiment in The Mailbox Super Science With Your Kids Book. Or you can watch this extremely corny video instead..

Last, but not least, we went out in the yard and Morgan sketched some Rosemary for his Herbology class. We had really hoped to have an herb hunt at Nana's, but the weather just never seemed to match up with our timing. We also collected a small bit of it to tape onto his notebooking page (not pictures). When we were all done I noticed a very large and hairy caterpillar crawling up Morgan's pants, so we spent a bit of time watching the caterpillar chow down on grass too..

I'll try to get the plans and notebooking pages finalized and up over for downloading over the next week, and I'll be sure to post when it's ready!

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