Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Remakes..

While working on a craft (which will remain mysterious because it's a gift..) yesterday I put on the "new" (as in I haven't seen it yet) Annie movie. I remember watching the old Annie far more times then anyone really should when I was little. Enough times that I've been known to break into a few songs from the movie, which always wins me some really odd looks from the men in this house. What can I say?

So I plugged the silly thing in and sat down to cut and sew away. The boys heard lots of singing and came running to see what was up, an then proceeded to plop down in front of the movie and watch the entire thing.
Morgan was utterly mesmerized by it! He thought all that jumping and dancing (old fashioned dancing not this um, "stuff" they call dancing now) was very "cool" and "amazing!" All though I think the musical theme wore on him because towards the end Daddy Warbucks (called Mr Warbucks in this version, until the very end) and Annie (who does not have curly red hair but straight shoulder length hair) were sitting atop a grand piano singing and Morgan says, "They sure do a lot of singing in this movie, and that Annie girl is awfully noisy!" Yeah, I think I snorted into my sewing machine.

The movie theme is the same, but the ending is a bit different. I remember going to a theater to watch this show when I was young enough to still require a lid on my drink, and as I recall we took our own snacks into the theater. If memory serves me right there was a helicopter scene at the end of the movie where Annie is heroically rescued from her oppressors. In the new version she never leaves Mr Warbucks house, because the plot is discovered before Miss Hanigan and her darling brother escape with her. President Roosevelt (or rather an actor portraying him) is also in this movie, which I found oddly funny. (Maybe cause my mind was thinking, oo, we can watch this again for our President study!)

The boys enjoyed it, and really it wasn't badly done. There's no "drunk" scene in the newer version. The girls are a bit naughtier, but when I commented on this outloud the boys pointed out that the lady in charge was being so mean it was probably too hard to be nice to her. Don't ask me why, but for some odd reason I wasn't sure they were picking up on the fact that she was an unloving guardian. I know, I'm a bit dense at times..

In the end I decided I really had to find the book and give it a read, but I'm doubting my library will own it. Did you know it was a book? It is! So was the movie Bambi, which the boys love. I've never been a huge fan of it, but the book is excellent. Yeah, we're kinda into old (as in we haven't seen them or Mommy use to get to go to Kodak to watch them) kinda movies.

I'm also thinking my kids need to go see a live play. I love live plays, I mean really, really, really love live plays! The boys went to see one of those community plays in the park once. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Far too above them, but it was well done and amusing, not to mention free. I seriously doubt they remember it considering how young they were. It might be time to check with our local playhouses and see what's up and running. They showed Peter Rabbit, which we missed due to a tummy bug a year ago, and we were so disappointed we never bothered to keep checking their upcoming schedule!

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