Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Harry Potter Science

Have I ever mentioned The Mailbox Company? I found this company via my library when we were living in America. They had the yearbooks that this company offered, which is basically a compilation of their magazine for the year. In short The Mailbox sells magazines (and other books) that give teachers ideas. We own many of them, and are never disappointed by them. The yearbooks are great if you don't want to fork out the hefty sum for magazine. Which, we use to do, but international magazine rates are highway robbery..

Anyway, the company offers books in a number of topics from Phonics to science. We own many of the science books which are all loaded with gobs of science experiments and other fun activities. They have books based on age range or topics. Some of our favorites would be Quick & Easy Science Fun (we have two levels of this one), Exploring Nature With Your Kids, Super Science With Your Kids. We also have a variety of the yearbooks, some of their science topic books (think mammals, weather, plants, etc.) As well as some of the print and assemble science books which are really fun for the kids, and go well with their lapbooks.

Most of the time I purchase their books during sales, which they are having right now! Some of their yearbooks are as low as $7.99 and since they normally go for something like $49.99 that's a HUGE savings! They also have a series of books based on various groups of states in America, where the kids solve the mystery in order to figure out which state they are in. You'll have to hurry for those though, once they are gone they are gone!

Anyway, this particular science project came from Super Science With Your Kid, which is loaded with a variety of science experiments. We pull these books out weekly and can generally find at least one science experiment in it to match up with the FIAR book of the week. Unfortunately, I don't believe they sell this book anymore. I picked it up in one of their sales last year or the year before.

The idea of this science experiment was to see if you could get an egg in a narrow necked bottle, and then back out again. This one required that the child watch a bit more then participate because you need to use fire.

First you'll need a narrow necked bottle (something slightly smaller then your egg, but not too small.), paper, a hard boiled egg (we had more then one), a long match, and some paper.

Crumple some newspaper and put it in the bottom of the jar. Use a long match and have a responsible adult light the paper on fire. (We didn't have any long matches, so we lit a smaller bit of paper on fire and dropped that in the jar.)

As soon as the fire is in the jar plop the peeled boiled egg on top of the jar. Within a short time the egg will be sucked into the jar! Seriously, don't blink, don't turn away. Watch it, because it's very cool!

To remove the egg from the jar you can "cheat" and break it up with a knife, stab it with a skewer, OR you can... Put the jar up to your mouth, make sure your mouth seals the jar, and blow as hard as you can into the jar. The egg will pop right out. For real!

We had so much fun with this experiment we did it over and over and over... We'd also like to offer special thanks to our willing science experiment model!

If you don't quite understand how to do this, you can check out this video here. Oh, and he also has a very awesome science site as well. Somehow, I think Dad's really gonna like those videos..

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What wonderful experiments! And, it looks like Dad was having fun! :-)