Friday, May 15, 2009

Mailing May

On Monday we'll be starting a new unit study, and we're all pretty excited about it. It's based on the book Mailing May, which has been put into Unit Study form in Volume 4 by Five In A Row. This study will last us at least 2 weeks, but I won't be surprised if we spill over a bit.
The boys are completely fascinated by the postal system, something that has astounded them from a very young age. In fact, I can remember being spell bound by There Goes A Mail Truck (stop laughing!) when they had it on. I also remember the dumbfounded look on the mailman's face when they informed him of exactly what kind of truck he was driving.
Over the next few weeks we'll be covering a large range of topics, and soaking up quite a bit of American history:
  • Pony Express -- I thought I'd sneak in some fun history with the Pony Express book I picked up at the currclick sale. After all, this is a lesson I think the kids will love 100%! I think we'll also play Pony Express with their stick horses and some cowboy hats and we'll have them deliver letters around the house.
  • Lewis & Clark -- We'll be reading Seaman the dog who explored the west with Lewis & Clark. Coloring Sheets, I found some Here, here & here. A free notebooking page. Free Lewis & Clark Game. We'll also see about reading The Story Of Sacajawea, Guide To Lewis & Clark. Morgan will do some lapbooking pieces (Jayden prefers notebooking) which are also free. We'll also put together our Lewis & Clark pockets from our North American Explorers.
  • Idaho -- we'll be reading P is for Potato. Jayden will do this notebooking page, and Morgan will do this lapbooking book. I also purchased a variety of poatoes (kennebeck, dutch cream, red, purple/blue, etc.) and we'll cook each one up and see what the kids think of them.
  • Trains -- this will be a review of sorts for Morgan with steam power, as we covered this once before. It's semi-new to Jayden who's fully aware of steam power in trains. Either way, we'll most likely go take a ride on the Don Railway, which will fully delight them both. They'll also get to look at older trains which will give them an idea of the time frame (1901) that we'll be covering.
  • Math Lessons -- a few math lessons will be to figure out how much it would cost them to travel the same distance May did, but I thought we'd go a bit farther and see how much it would cost for us to mail them to their grandparents in America. Mind you, we won't be asking at the post office, I all ready got interrogated over my phone call to the fire brigade! (For the record, if you ever want to know if there's a fee to call ANY Tasmanian Fire Brigade out, the answer is no. Don't call, don't ask. Just take my word for it!) We'll also look at the price change in postage stamps from when they were both born to what they cost now.
  • More Post Office Fun -- we've all ready had a tour of our post office, all though Jayden and I didn't get to join in that trip. We may see about another one, or we might just go in and look around and compare what's in there now to what would have been there in 1901. We'll also be making our own mail box out of a large cardboard box, and each boy will get a mail bag to play postman.
  • Misc. -- we also have a few art lessons planned, an old general store trip planned, clock work, & penny counting. We'll also be using the Five In A Row Fold And Learn that matches the book. You can get some more free resources for Mailing May over at
On top of all of that we'll also be taking a trip to the Arboretum for a fall nature walk, but I suspect the kids might get a good idea of what it was like to be some of those frontiersmen.


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Tracey said...

This looks fantastic!

katie said...

I can't seem to find the link to the lapbook that you made. Is there one?

Kendra said...

Katie, there isn't one for this, rather instead I used all the items I linked to from Homeschool Share & we trialed a Fold-N-Learn from Five In A Row.