Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mailing May & Daniel Boone

The boys have been learning about a variety of explorers since the beginning of last school year, and with our current study we're able to dip into a few of the American explorers.

We've been reading, and will continue to read, about Lewis & Clark for the next 2 weeks. Today, however, we did a quick study on Daniel Boone. My resources are fairly limited when it comes to American history, but we had a book on hand and the great North American Explorers Pocket put out by Evan Moor. (We've been slow at this adding explorers as we come to them..) You're suppose to use an oversized bit of construction paper to make the pockets, but I use the 12x12 cardstock paper instead.

Today we read about Daniel Boone and put together his pocket. Morgan is always delighted with these nifty pockets because just about each one has a map somewhere in it. Each explorer pocket has it's own map, which delights him fully!

This pocket had a few different things in it, this buckskin coat was suppose to have a poem on it about Daniel Boone, and this was Morgan's rendition:

Indians & Warriors

Guns and bullets shooting all around
some men fell to the ground.
But Daniel Boone stood for his people.

He also made the cover to a book where he'll write a story about Daniel Boone later this week. He's enjoyed tracking Daniel Boone across the map as well. They are equally impressed to know that Daniel Boone was once in the same state they lived in.