Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mail Bags

With our Mailing May study I decided it would be fun to make the kids mail carrier bags. They were both delighted to find material and pins in their final workbox for the day on Monday and couldn't wait to find out what we'd be doing.

I have to admit I'm not quite brave enough to let them use my machine yet, shameful perhaps, but.. I did, however, let them help do lots of pinning before they ran off to watch a video.

I used a typical bag tutorial to make this with so that I came out with a square bottom, but I wanted a flap on the bag. You know, messenger bag style. However, I needed a full sized handle and a flap. I ended up putting the full handle and flap on when I put the inner liner in. Which will probably only make sense if you go look at the tutorial.

That's actually the interior of Jayden's, Morgan has a cute bookworm fabric that I picked up from Spotlight when it was on the clearance table. I didn't end up sewing the liner in place because I was running very short on time and still had dinner to deal with. I'm tempted to sew the liners in one evening after the kids have gone to bed!

The exterior of the bags is some denim I had on hand for a project we never worked on! The "patches" on the front are nothing more then paper print-outs that we stuck on the bag with a thin strip of double stick tape. The kids were delighted, and really so was I. The whole project only took me about 2 hours. They spent the evening filling out envelopes (Jayden asked me to address his) with all sorts of funny things on them.

Morgan wrote to Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, John Quimby, & a few other funny names. His spelling was just as cute too. Because Jayden was very tired and cranky (allergies) he wanted REAL letters and wouldn't settle for anything else. So I pulled up a typing program and typed in:

Dear ____________,

I hope you are feeling well and having a wonderful day! I was thinking of you and so I wrote this letter to mail to you.

Today I am being a postman and it's so much fun! I get to bring everyone their letters and packages. Do you have a package or letter you'd like me to mail for you?

If you do you can just call and I will come and get it and put it in my postman bag and take it to the person it's addressed to.

I am learning all about postman and posts and even a little girl who was put in the mail to visit her grandma! I'd love to go through the mail to visit my grandma, but I don't think they'd let me do that do you?


The boys thought it was very cool that they could put their name and the name of someone to give it to. Should be quite handy this week when we build a post office in our very empty living room. I'm also collecting all the junk mail we get this week for them to use too.

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Leanne said...

That was soo cool - making them their own mail bags.
We loved mailing May ds - began stamp collecting from this book.

Love Leanne NZ