Friday, May 8, 2009

A Few More Good Sites

While searching for a sugar-free recipe I stumbled upon two really awesome food blogs. I find them even more super and "awesome" or "brilliant", as my kids say, because most of their recipes don't require sugar! Yup, so that was very fun to find a few more fun recipes I can throw in our stash or just to experiment with. We've all ready tried out a few and so far no complaints..

1. Heavenly Homemakers -- You might have noticed the button in the side bar pop up for this one a couple of days ago, but if not you should check it out. This blog has a bit of everything for you, but I was drawn in by a lot of the recipes, which, you guessed it, are sugar-free. She also uses lots of natural stuff (as in the way it was made to start with), which is cool too. I will warn that she does use rapdura and/or succant occasionally, we've tried them and they are a no go for us! I find that subbing with a bit of molasses will still give us that molasses flavor without the sugar. With that said, we've all ready tried several of the recipes that and each one has gotten high marks here. In fact the other night I decided to whip up the Chocolate Pudding, something we haven't had in years.. Or at least long enough that Jayden said, "What's pudding?" I used maple syrup and a bit of agave (didn't have enough syrup) and even my maple hater liked it. In fact I've gotten three requests for it again and have promised to whip up another batch this evening. We also tried the Strawberry Peach slushies, and despite the "odd" ingredient they were yumm-o!

2. The Nourishing Gourmet -- This lady has some super fun recipes. One of her latest, Lemon Curd, I can't wait to try out. Lemon curd is very yummy (think the inside of a lemon pie) and a certain someone in this house loves spreading it on his toast! I will warn that she uses Coconut oil, which there's nothing wrong with, but it will give a slight coconut taste to some things. So if you're not into coconut (even though it's suppose to be very good for you... the oil that is) then you'll have to sub with something else.

3. Blissful Kids -- this is another crafting blog and I thought I'd share. It runs down the same lines as many of the others with pictures and links to see the real project plans.

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